BRAdley CAMERON, founder /CEO

Brad is a strategy expert with 25 years of global experience in strategic planning, crisis and brand management, and organizational design. He has presented numerous academic papers on strategy, competitive advantage, and crisis response, and advises businesses in the US, Asia, and Europe.  


He regularly advises private equity investors in Silicon Valley, and assists international companies with their plans and operations in China. He is currently retained by private investors to develop a national media enterprise, by a law firm to help with litigation strategies against one of China’s largest consumer companies, and by a Texas company to manage interference in its operations by a national labor union. He also is retained by political leaders and donors to direct national reform initiatives, manage state-based initiatives, and direct litigation and other strategies.


From 2014-17 he was retained by more than 150 pharmaceutical manufacturers to form MED-Project LLC, a product recovery and compliance company he led until 2017. He also worked with Regents of the University of Texas to expose admissions abuses, and political leaders in Missouri to advance reforms at the University of Missouri. He also directed a multifaceted litigation initiative for conservative leaders in Wisconsin to terminate home raids and an unlawful government investigation of their operations. His plan resulted in the elimination of the state’s Government Accountability Board, a new statute that bans secret “John Doe” investigations of political activities, and several federal and state court decisions that will shape election laws nationwide.

In 2012-14, he was retained by the world’s largest technology companies to develop global labor and environmental supply chain initiatives for the industry, by a China-based corporation to develop a sales partnership with Italy-based Ferrari, SpA, by a Silicon Valley-based private equity fund to develop management teams for some of its portfolio companies, and by drug distribution companies to develop a national association for 22,000 independent pharmacies.  


In 2009-11, he was retained by Sabre Systems, the world’s largest provider of aviation reservations and logistics services, to establish joint ventures with government-owned enterprises in China, by Mylan Pharmaceuticals to expand the market for its epinephrine auto-injection product, and by international technology companies to improve environmental and social practices throughout their global supply chains.

In 2007-8, he was retained to help Europe-based Finmeccanica win a $7 billion US military aircraft contract, and to develop a national organization for consumer aftermarket product manufacturers.

crisis management

Brad has managed many of the most publicized corporate crises for dozens of companies, including American Airlines, ARCO Chemical, Food Lion, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Perrigo, Southern California Gas, and Wal-Mart.  He is routinely retained by the global technology and pharmaceutical industries to respond to national and international issues.

He is presently retained by national conservative leaders to direct responses to government targeting of their operations and initiatives. In 2015-17, he directed efforts against a national labor union that resulted in the first-ever multi-million dollar jury award against the union and bankruptcy of its Texas chapter. 

In 2014-16 he was retained by global technology companies to respond to suicides at their supplier facilities in China and US restrictions on use of "conflict minerals" in their products, to develop global environmental and labor initiatives, and to direct industry planning sessions around the world.  

He was previously retained by product manufacturers to coordinate a case before the US Supreme Court, by the nation's leading manufacturers of cold and allergy medicines to respond to government restrictions on pseudoephedrine sales, by generic pharmaceutical manufacturers to direct national litigation strategies, by the US sugar industry to respond to market erosion due to new sugar substitutes, by American Airlines to prevent a pilots strike, and by energy investors in Nigeria to remove the country from the US terror watch list after the "underwear bomber" incident on Christmas Day in 2009.

He has also managed strategy and directed global communications for dozens of companies that faced high-stakes litigation, government enforcement actions, labor strikes, patent disputes, product recalls, stakeholder pressure, and other threats to shareholder value.  He has been retained by airline, consumer product, energy, financial, health care, pharmaceutical, professional services, media, retail, and technology companies to develop business strategies, respond to competitive pressures, and manage global initiatives.

organizational development

Brad has been retained to develop numerous enterprises and national organizations.  He is presently retained by national donors to direct a fund that defends First Amendment rights, by an investor group to form a media enterprise, and by a startup firm that will modernize international trade processes. From 2014-17, he was retained by leading pharmaceutical companies to form MED-Project LLC, a regulatory compliance company he directed to manage the industry’s product recovery programs in several states.  In 2014, he was also retained by the Cato Institute to help facilitate the most significant transition in the organization’s history.  From 2009-2013, he was retained to develop the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, an international association he directed for global technology companies.

He previously developed the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (now Association for Affordable Medicines) for generic drug manufacturers, Business for Affordable Medicine, an alliance of Fortune 500 companies and Governors from 14 states, and the US Soccer Foundation with proceeds from the 1994 World Cup.


Bradley also advises corporate leaders on strategies relating to public affairs, marketing, and competitive advantage.  He also advises several individual investors, donors, and startup ventures from his offices in Austin, TX, Beijing, Washington, DC, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2017, he established the Strategy Academy at Sonoma Ranch in California, and is the only US representative of the Kangda Law Firm in China, which serves as the Chinese government’s official liaison to Western companies. In 2018, he established Industry, an international industry association management firm. He serves as Chairman of National Grassroots & Communications, a national public relations firm he acquired in 1995, CEO of Metric Media LLC, a national media company to integrate government and public data into community-based reports, and CEO of The Frontier Lab LLC, a national consumer market research company.

He served in the 1990s as senior advisor to the Republican strategy leader in the US House of Representatives, and Vice President of the Human Resources Policy Association.

Brad holds post-graduate degrees in strategy and innovation from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and from Columbia Business School in New York.  He studied behavioral economics at Stirling University and the London Business School in the UK, and international business at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China.  He is a graduate of the University of California, Davis.